"Promoting Equality of Access to Holistic Healthcare in Europe"

EFCAM supports the right of citizens to make the healthcare choices that they consider best for each individual and family. CAM professionals offer a range of practices for maintaining health, preventing illness and providing more personally and financially sustainable treatment for many common illnesses.

Welcome by the EFCAM President

Welcome to the EFCAM website!

Everyone agrees with the statement: your health is your wealth. EU Charters endorse this and the EU has some impressive public health policies and programmes to support it. Every EU member state has a health department, but many, if not most, are overstretched and under- funded.


CAM is a diverse range of autonomous healthcare practices used for health maintenance, health education, health promotion, disease prevention and for the treatment of ill-health.

CAM modalities have a distinct philosophical, diagnostic and methodological basis.


EFCAM unites European Federations for specific Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) modalities and national multi-modality CAM Associations.

EFCAM’s principal objectives are to gain:

 – equality of access for citizens to CAM across Europe

 – the right of all appropriately trained providers of CAM to practice.

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