EFCAM is a federation of European CAM associations

EFCAM Mission/Vision

What is EFCAM? 
EFCAM is a Federation of European Federations of specific CAM modalities and national CAM umbrella organisations. Originating in December 2004 as a forum, before becoming a registered not for profit association, it has become the major voice for practitioners of CAM in Europe embracing some 20 CAM modalities in 23 countries.

EFCAM aims to:
• ensure freedom of choice in healthcare for the European public
• improve accessibility and availability of CAM services to the European public
• pursue recognition of CAM practices
• secure the legal right to practise of appropriately trained and regulated CAM practitioners in Europe
• have CAM included in EU health policy and strategy
• advise on regulatory structures and processes appropriate to CAM disciplines
• secure the participation of CAM experts in EU CAM research projects.

EFCAM is registered at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce, with registration number 34315774. EFCAM is registered in the EU Transparency Register.

The principal objectives of EFCAM are to achieve equality of access to CAM throughout Europe and to gain the legal right to practice for all appropriately trained professionals across Europe.