EFCAM is a federation of European CAM associations

Complementary and alternative medicine encompasses a wide diversity of therapeutic options that have become increasingly popular treatment modalities for patients with pain, particularly when conventional strategies fail or provide only partial relief. Pain is one of the most prevalent conditions for which patients seek medical attention. Additionally, the number of patients who utilize complementary and alternative medicine as a treatment of pain either in lieu of, or concurrent with, standard conventional treatments continues to grow. While research into the mechanisms, side effect profiles, and efficacies of these alternative therapies has increased in recent years, much more remains unknown and untested. This article reviews the literature on complementary and alternative medicine for pain, with particular emphasis on evidence-based assessments pertinent to the most common alternative therapies, including acupuncture, herbal therapy, massage therapy, hypnosis, tai chi, and biofeedback.

NM, Caruso TJ, Carinci AJ
Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Pain: An Evidence-based Review. [JOURNAL ARTICLE]
Curr Pain Headache Rep 2010 Nov 10.