Massage found helpful for Low Back Pain

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The latest volume of the Annals of Internal Medicine features a randomised controlled trial that compared the effectiveness of two types of massage for chronic low back pain. The trial found that massage may be effective with benefits lasting at least 6 months. Randomization was computer-generated, with centralized allocation concealment. Participants were blinded to massage type but not to assignment to massage versus usual care. Massage therapists were unblinded. The study personnel who assessed outcomes were blinded to treatment assignment. The abstract and the full article are available for free at:...

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Economist Poll Reveals 85% of voting readers think research into Complementary and Alternative Medicine is necessary

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On 21 May The Economist launched a poll with the question “is research into alternative medicine a waste of time?  The accompanying article attempted to paint a rather negative picture of complementary and alternative medicine yet the response of ~ 8000 readers has been overwhelmingly in favour of carrying out research into alternative medicine. And quite right too. With 1 in 4 people in the EU turning regularly to complementary and alternative medicine to either complement their conventional treatment or use it as an alternative, it is important that further research is enabled in order to ensure the effectiveness and safety of such therapies in the interests of patients. Patients instinctively respond to the holistic, patient centred approach of complementary and alternative medicine, which is gentle in its approach and with far less risk of adverse affects than conventional medicine. But belief is not enough and the reality of the successful day to day practice and use must be backed with good scientific research to establish how it works and how to make it work better....

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42% USA Hospitals now offer CAM

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Patient demand and reports of high patient satisfaction have led to a situation where 42% of hospitals in the USA now offer CAM therapies as complementary treatments to patients undergoing conventional care.

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High intake of white fruit prevents stroke

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A recent study seems to indicate that a high intake of white fruits and vegetables may protect against stroke. This is not CAM in the sense of the report supporting any CAM modality but, all CAM practitioners have always advised a diet high in fresh fruit and vegetable as part of a healthy lifestyle along with adequate exercise. This study adds further insight on how fruit can act preventativly in one of the western world’s major chronic diseases. Statins and aspirin daily or an apple and a pear a day? – you make the choice.

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Valerian helpful for menopausal sleep problems

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A new study published in the journal ‘Menopause’ shows the herb valerian to be effective for menopausal women suffering sleep problems. Menopause: September 2011 – Volume 18 – Issue 9 – pp 951-955

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Australian Report finds CAM methods cost effective

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A report by the National Institute for Complementary Medicine in Australia has found that four simple CAM interventions can offer cost savings. As part of NICM’s efforts to inform the effective integration of complementary medicine into routine healthcare, the institute commissioned Access Economics to undertake a series of studies assessing the cost effectiveness of selected CAM interventions. Four of the five CAMs assessed were found to be cost effective as alternative or adjunctive treatments for national health priority health conditions including: Omega-3 fish oils for secondary prevention of heart disease Acupuncture for chronic low back pain St John’s wort for mild to moderate depression, and An herbal combination for osteoarthritis. For full report and a pdf of the full study go here:...

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CAM an essential part of Australian rural healthcare

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CAM practitioners are increasingly forming part of the fabric of primary healthcare in many countries. A recent survey from the University of Queensland in Australia reveals that this is not just a phenomenon taking place in urban conglomerations but also in rural communities.

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Parents want doctors to support CAM use

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80% of parents of children attending a gastroenterology clinic believe that doctors should support the use of CAM. Parents revealed they were using various CAM approaches to complement and supplement their child’s conventional treatment. Results:  Sixty-nine percent of the 98 respondents were using or had used CAM (n= 66). Nutritional supplements (n= 37, 56% of CAM users) and probiotics (n= 33, 50%) were most commonly used. Most CAM users sought complementary therapy to help a chronic problem (n= 43, 69.4%) and had been referred by a friend or family member (n= 33, 53.2%). Self-reported well-being was associated with CAM use (P= 0.0009) and CAM were described as partially effective by 40 parents (67.8%). Forty-six parents (75.4%) expressed that they would use CAM again. Seventy-two respondents (80%) believed that doctors should support the use of CAM. Reference: Complementary and alternative medicine in children attending gastroenterology clinics: Usage patterns and reasons for use Veena Wadhera1,2, Daniel A Lemberg1, Steven T Leach2, Andrew S Day1,2...

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CAM increasingly used for patients with pain

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Complementary and alternative medicine encompasses a wide diversity of therapeutic options that have become increasingly popular treatment modalities for patients with pain, particularly when conventional strategies fail or provide only partial relief. Pain is one of the most prevalent conditions for which patients seek medical attention. Additionally, the number of patients who utilize complementary and alternative medicine as a treatment of pain either in lieu of, or concurrent with, standard conventional treatments continues to grow. While research into the mechanisms, side effect profiles, and efficacies of these alternative therapies has increased in recent years, much more remains unknown and untested. This article reviews the literature on complementary and alternative medicine for pain, with particular emphasis on evidence-based assessments pertinent to the most common alternative therapies, including acupuncture, herbal therapy, massage therapy, hypnosis, tai chi, and biofeedback. NM, Caruso TJ, Carinci AJ Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Pain: An Evidence-based Review. [JOURNAL ARTICLE] Curr Pain Headache Rep...

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CAM helps cancer patients

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New Study Shows CAM Therapies Help Patients With Cancer

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