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80% of parents of children attending a gastroenterology clinic believe that doctors should support the use of CAM.
Parents revealed they were using various CAM approaches to complement and supplement their child’s conventional treatment.

Sixty-nine percent of the 98 respondents were using or had used CAM (n= 66). Nutritional supplements (n= 37, 56% of CAM users) and probiotics (n= 33, 50%) were most commonly used. Most CAM users sought complementary therapy to help a chronic problem (n= 43, 69.4%) and had been referred by a friend or family member (n= 33, 53.2%). Self-reported well-being was associated with CAM use (P= 0.0009) and CAM were described as partially effective by 40 parents (67.8%). Forty-six parents (75.4%) expressed that they would use CAM again. Seventy-two respondents (80%) believed that doctors should support the use of CAM.

Reference: Complementary and alternative medicine in children attending gastroenterology clinics: Usage patterns and reasons for use

Veena Wadhera1,2, Daniel A Lemberg1, Steven T Leach2, Andrew S Day1,2